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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

KWID: Will new car from Renault provide Value for money

Kwid is priced at INR 2.57 lakh, ex-showroom, New Delhi.
Renault Kwid Variant wise prices-
STD- 2.57 lakh
RXE- 2.89 lakh
RXE (O)- 2.95 lakh
RXL- 3.11 lakh
RXT- 3.44 lakh
RXT (O)- 3.53 lakh

So far, it has been Tata Nano which has been the cheapest car available in India. Over the period of time, It has evolved as Great Value  for money and in its latest avatar it is having decent looks and best in class features. But So far in India, Maruti Alto has been the most successful  car and has highest Sales Volume with decent features. Second in class is  Hyundai EON, with its Fluidic Design and Premium offerings .

Latest car in this Segment is the Renault KWID.

Initially, kwid was thought to be a budget  car with Duster like looks. But, it would remain to be seen whether, Pricing this car is rightly done. And car provide's the real value for money.

KWID has SUV inspired design‎ that makes it stand apart from all cars in its segment.
The kwid has modern looks, which compared to Alto look far more impressive. EON even though the look is slight dated but goes well with those who wants the car look. Overall Kwid in its SUV  like design looks Impressive. Only the tires looks a bit small to the car and has 3 Bolts similar to TATA Nano.

Interiors of Kwid and Eon are at par and looks better than the Alto. Kwid has non inertia seat belt at rear and has a Touch Screen Infotainment system as compare to Eon and Alto which have Music system, here it remain to be seen, how good music will be able to provide by Kwid.
renault kwid
But it would be difficult to match the quality with the competition. This touch screen also provide navigation system, but will it be  as good as the Google navigation system, available on smart phones. Boot space wise kwid has a biggest boot in it segment.  Has best Cabin space,  only issue, the rear seat is low and for taller person it may not be as comfortable.

Kwid comes  with near 800 cc engine, and claims best in class mileage.

Pricing of Top Model of various cars in its segment are as follows :

Maruti ALTO 800 VXI (AIRBAG)     -       Rs. 3, 59, 238


0.8L iRDE 5-Speed Manual Sportz     -        Rs. 4,  13, 688

Nano Genx XTA                                   -       Rs. 3, 01, 900 

( with 624 cc engine, AMT first in its segment)

Given the above pricing Kwid's pricing has to be quite competitive, for it to make a value for money Car. So far media reports suggest that top end Kwid Model will be priced  near Rs. 4 Lakhs,  which appears to be quite high when compared to Alto 800. It may also be noted here,  that car in slightly higher segment i.e those having near 1000 cc engine are priced as follows :

NEW ALTO K10 VXI (O)              -               Rs. 3, 88, 239

1.0L Kappa 5-Speed Manual Magna+(O)    -  Rs. 4, 27, 834

 It  can be seen above, that car with near 1000 CC  engine are available for less price than Rs. 4 lakhs or just slightly over it. There is also Datsun Go which has near 1200 CC or 1.2 Litre engine, which has very impressive features and the top end model is priced:

Datsun Go T (O)         -                   Rs. 4, 19, 912

Which again put a question mark as to what should  be the price of Kwid, which will provide a value for money. 

Safety wise Renault claims that it would satisfy all Indian safety standards, so does Datsun Go, so for slightly over Rs. 4 Lakhs a  car with higher capacity engine is available.  Also, it would be worth noting that cars with starting price in higher segments are also available near or slightly over the price  of Rs. 4 Lakhs. Safety wise some cars mentioned in this post claims good structural strength.

 MARUTI CELERIO LXI                  -         Rs. 4, 03 , 052

New FORD Figo hatchback               -          Rs. 4, 29, 900

new ford figo launched
(Ford figo launched on 23/09/2015)

So, what should be the best price for the new KWID from Renault ? which provide value for money to its owner. 

KWID has the best looking SUV like design in its segment. 

(Above mentioned car prices are Ex. Showroom prices in Goa based on the info on the respective car websites)


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