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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ranji Trophy 2012-13 schedule of Matches

There are 3 Groups, A , B , C
Group A:
Madhya Pradesh,
Group B:
Tamil Nadu,
Uttar Pradesh,
Group C:
Himachal Pradesh,
Andhra Pradesh,
Jammu and Kashmir,
Matches start time is 9:30AM IST. All information here is as per the BCCI website.
1st round, November 2-5
Group A:
Bengal v Rajasthan in Kolkata;
Mumbai v Railways in Mumbai;
Punjab v Hyderabad in Mohali;
Madhya Pradesh v Gujarat in Indore.
Group B:
Odisha v Tamil Nadu in Cuttack;
Haryana v Vidarbha in Lahli;
Baroda v Karnataka in Baroda;
Uttar Pradesh v Delhi in Ghaziabad.
Group C: |
Himachal Pradesh v Kerala in Amtar;
Andhra v Services in Anantapur;
Assam v Tripura in Guwahati;
Jammu & Kashmir v Jharkhand in Jammu.
2nd round, November 9-12
Group A:
Rajasthan v Mumbai in Jaipur;
Hyderabad v Madhya Pradesh in Hyderabad;
Gujarat v Saurashtra in Surat;
Punjab v Bengal in Mohali.
Group B: Tamil Nadu v Karnataka in Chennai;
Maharashtra v Uttar Pradesh in Pune;
Baroda v Vidarbha in Baroda;
Delhi v Odisha in Delhi
Group C:
Andhra v Tripura in Anantapur;
Goa v Jammu & Kashmir in Goa;
Jharkhand v Assam in Jamshedpur.
3rd round, November 17-20

Group A:
Rajasthan v Madhya Pradesh in Jaipur;
Hyderabad v Saurashtra in Hyderabad;
Railways v Punjab in Bhubaneshwar;
Bengal v Gujarat in Kolkata.
Group B:
Tamil Nadu v Maharashtra in Chennai;
Haryana v Odisha in Lahli;
Uttar Pradesh v Karnataka in Meerut;
Delhi v Baroda in Delhi.
Group C:
Himachal Pradesh v Andhra in Amtar;
Kerala v Assam in Malappuram;
Tripura v Services in Agartala;
Jharkhand v Goa in Jamshedpur.
4th round, November 24-27

Group A:
Hyderabad v Mumbai in Hyderabad;
Madhya Pradesh v Bengal in Indore;
Punjab v Saurashtra in Patiala;
Railways v Gujarat in Bhubaneshwar.
Group B:
Delhi v Tamil Nadu in Delhi;
Haryana v Baroda in Lahli;
Vidarbha v Maharashtra in Nagpur;
Karnataka v Odisha in Bangalore.
Group C:
Jharkhand v Himachal Pradesh in Ranchi;
Kerala v Goa in Malappuram;
Jammu & Kashmir v Andhra in Jammu;
Services v Assam in Delhi.
5th round, December 1 -4
Group A:
Punjab v Rajasthan in Patiala;
Mumbai v Bengal in Mumbai;
Gujarat v Hyderabad in Ahmedabad;
Saurashtra v Railways in Rajkot.
Group B:
Vidarbha v Tamil Nadu in Nagpur;
Haryana v Delhi in Lahli;
Odisha v Maharashtra in Sambalpur;
Uttar Pradesh v Baroda in Kanpur.
Group C:
Himachal Pradesh v Tripura in Dharamsala;
Services v Kerala in Delhi;
Andhra v Goa in Visakhapatnam;
Assam v Jammu & Kashmir in Guwahati.
6th round, December 8-11

Group A:
Gujarat v Rajasthan in Ahmedabad;
Mumbai v Punjab in Mumbai;
Railways v Madhya Pradesh in Bhubaneshwar;
Saurashtra v Bengal in Rajkot.
Group B:
 Maharashtra v Haryana in Pune;
Karnataka v Delhi in Bangalore;
Vidarbha v Uttar Pradesh in Nagpur;
Baroda v Odisha in Baroda.
Group C:
Assam v Himachal Pradesh in Guwahati;
 Kerala v Jammu & Kashmir in Malappuram;
Goa v Services in Goa; Tripura v Jharkhand in Agartala.
7th round, December 15-18
Group A:
Railways v Rajasthan in Bhubaneshwar;
Saurashtra v Mumbai in Rajkot;
Bengal v Hyderabad in Kolkata;
Madhya Pradesh v Punjab in Gwalior.
Group B:
Baroda v Tamil Nadu in Baroda;
Uttar Pradesh v Haryana in Lucknow;
Delhi v Maharashtra in Delhi;
Karnataka v Vidarbha in Bangalore.
Group C:
Goa v Himachal Pradesh in Goa;
Tripura v Kerala in Agartala;
Jharkhand v Andhra in Dhanbad;
Services v Jammu & Kashmir in Delhi.
8th round, December 22-25

Group A:
Rajasthan v Saurashtra in Jaipur;
Madhya Pradesh v Mumbai in Indore;
Hyderabad v Railways in Hyderabad;
 Gujarat v Punjab in Ahmedabad.
Group B:
Tamil Nadu v Uttar Pradesh in Chennai;
Karnataka v Haryana in Bangalore;
Maharashtra v Baroda in Pune;
Odisha v Vidarbha in Cuttack.
Group C:
 Jammu & Kashmir v Himachal Pradesh in Jammu;
Kerala v Jharkhand in Malappuram;
Assam v Andhra in Guwahati;
Tripura v Goa in Agartala.
9th round, December 29-January 1
Group A:
Rajasthan v Hyderabad in Jaipur;
Mumbai v Gujarat in Mumbai;
Saurashtra v Madhya Pradesh in Rajkot;
Bengal v Railways in Kolkata.
Group B:
Tamil Nadu v Haryana in Chennai;
Maharashtra v Karnataka in Pune;
Odisha v Uttar Pradesh in Cuttack;
Vidarbha v Delhi in Nagpur.
Group C:
Andhra v Kerala in Kadapa;
Services v Jharkhand in Delhi;
 Jammu & Kashmir v Tripura in Jammu;
Goa v Assam in Goa.

QFs, January 6-10
SFs, January 16-20
Final, January 26-30
Venues for the knockout stage and final will be announced later in the season.


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