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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Experience the new age night life with Smirnoff NEXT

Experience the new age night life with Smirnoff NEXT
Watch out as Smirnoff’s never ending party opens with your very own Rohit barker!

Goa, 25th October, 2012: Are you ready for the new age nightlife, where entertainment meets discovery? Get set as Smirnoff, the world’s number 1 premium vodka, brings to you Smirnoff NEXT, a live music platform that will define what’s next in Goa’s clubbing scene. Smirnoff NEXT brings Rohit Barker, who will set ablaze Goa’s dance floors on Friday 26th October, at 9 PM in Cape Town
Rohit Barker started his career with Radio and from there he went off to Channel V as a VJ. He had his first professional foray in to Radio when he moved to Radio Indigo and then to Dubai FM. He has been DJ’ing for just over 2 years now and has played with some of the renowned names in the industry. After standing behind a DJ console for over a decade and hosting a show for about the same amount of time, he has got an in-depth understanding of the crowd and the dance floor. “Amongst some of the extraordinary experiences you will get to experience at Smirnoff NEXT event will be RFID based FB activation where a hand band will connect you to your Facebook account and let you share experiences & images from the party”

Smirnoff is all about original experiences, and as the original party animals of Goa, they are all set to give you a unique nightlife experience with Smirnoff NEXT. Every weekend, Smirnoff will bring the night to life in different cities of India, creating one never-ending party! Smirnoff will turn an average night into an extraordinary one with world class drinks, cutting edge experiences. If you want to witness this new age nightlife, Smirnoff NEXT invites you to be part of this out-of-the-world phenomenon! With Rohit Barker, Smirnoff now brings to you the best in the Indian clubbing scene!

Date: 26th October 2012
Time: 9:00 PM
Venue: Cape Town, Baga

Source: IWSR Report 2011 by volumes

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